Our Story

Our son, Ari Foss Silverman, was stillborn at full term in 2014.  He was our first child.  In the span of a few hours, we went from the ultimate high excitedly waiting for our son to be born to the ultimate low of planning a funeral for him. 

Laura came up with the initial words for the headstone, and Aaron suggested one change and the order.  We agreed on

Forever Loved
Forever Missed
Forever Remembered

In 2016, Aaron ordered bracelets with that phrase to carry a physical reminder of Ari with him, and he has been wearing a bracelet ever since then.

In 2022, we decided to take Ari's phrase and help others carry and wear a physical reminder of their lost loved ones. 

Usually, grieving is an invisible struggle and process except for those you choose to share it with.  With our clothing, you can have an outward expression to show there is someone you love and miss. 

Thank you for visiting our store and learning a little bit about our story. 

Aaron and Laura

P.S. Since we lost Ari, we have had two healthy children: Hailey and Benjamin.